778 Banshee Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets


Welcome to 778 Banshee Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, established in Richmond Hill, Ontario since 1969.  Our cadets train September to June on Thursday evenings.

Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 375 Richmond Hill

Royal Canadian Legion


778 Standing Orders:

778 Sqn – Standing Orders

Dress Regulations:

CATO55-04AirCadetDressInst. (1)


CATO55-04(C)-SikhDressPolicy (1)




Interim Amendment to Authorized Cadet Female Hairstyles

Refs: A. CANFORGEN 048/19, Changes to CAF Dress Instructions

D. CATO 55-04, Air Cadet Dress Instructions

14. While ref A specifically applies to CAF mbrs and not to cadets, CAF standards for grooming and appearance form the basis for the expectations and standards that are set for cadets. It is therefore anticipated that similar revisions to Cadet Dress Instructions will be forthcoming. Until such time as those revisions are formalized by Natl CJCR Sp Gp Dress Committee, in addition to currently approved hairstyles, cadets who identify as female shall now be permitted to wear a single pony tail in any order of dress other than ceremonial (i.e. other than in Sea cadet C1, H1 & T1 (Ref A, Annex A); Army cadet C1, H1/H1B or with ceremonial orders of traditional dress (Ref B); and Air cadet C-1, H-1 and C-7A (ref C Anx A).

15. The pony tail will follow the existing regulations regarding single braids (length not to exceed below the top of the armpit, to be gathered in the centre back of the head and secured using a small-unadorned elastic that blends with the colour of the hair).

16. Training, health and safety considerations shall remain paramount and officers responsible for overseeing activities at CTC, RTE, and corps/sqns continue to have the authority to restrict the wearing of long hairstyles as applicable when unsecured long hair poses a potential risk to cadet safety.


ACR 2 JUNE 2019

778 Sqn ACR Invitation – 2019 – Public