778 Banshee Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Effective Speaking


The Air Cadet League
National Effective Speaking 2019/2020


  • To provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self-confidence; and increase their ability to reason, organize and express ideas;
  • To promote the citizenship component of local squadron training;
  • To provide a focus at the Local, Provincial, and National levels, to promote and encourage Air Cadets to participate in an optional activity that will provide them with an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment;
  • To increase public awareness regarding the citizenship and leadership aspects of the Air Cadet program at the national, provincial and local levels.

The ES program strives to achieve these goals by providing a formal contest setting in which cadets can compete against other speakers and have their competence assessed at progressively higher stages of competition, commencing at Squadron level and advancing upwards through Wing, Provincial and National levels.



The 778 banshee Squadron Effective Speaking Competition will take place on 27 FEB 2020 at RGSS at 6:45pm with our start at 7:00pm. Parents, friends and family are all invited and encouraged to attend to show their support!

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee and Staff would like to wish all cadets who are participating in this competition the best of luck!

The competition will be held in four levels: the Squadron level, Wing level, Provincial level and the National level.

The first and second place winner of the Squadron Effective Speaking Competition will proceed to the Wing Level Competition in Mid March – Early April 2020. From there, the top three cadets will move on to participate in the Provincial Effective Speaking Competition April 25, 2020. The Provincial winner will participate in the National Effective Speaking Competition in June 2020.



The Prepared Speech Topics for the 2020 Competition are:

1. How do you live with integrity as a leader?

2. What does bravery mean to you?

3. What are the positive or negative effects of AI?

4. What are the health and social effects of vaping?

5. Canada’s role in international affairs.

6. What are the greatest challenges facing the Canadian aviation industry?

7. How do you remember the sacrifices made on our behalf by our nation’s military?

8. Describe a historical event of note, and what it meant to Canada.

9. Describe a true Canadian hero and the difference he/she made to our nation.

10. Cadet’s Choice of Topic on either of the Categories:

a. Cadet Life c. Aviation

b. Science and Technology d. Canadian History or Citizenship



Weekly Meeting every Friday Night Starting:

Date Starting: 6 DEC 2019 (Friday) 

Time: 1900 hrs

Location: O.M. MacKillopPS – 206 Lucas St. Richmond Hill, ON

Contact: CI Mercado (


Additional Information

Program Aim 2018 Public Speaking

Air Cadet League – Effective Speaking Website

Application Form – acc54e



 The Squadron Sponsoring Committee and Staff would like to wish all cadets who are participating in this competition the best of luck, and should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact CI Mercado on Thursday Parade nights or contact her (