778 Banshee Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Effective Speaking



  • To provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self-confidence; and increase their ability to reason, organize and express ideas;
  • To promote the citizenship component of local squadron training;
  • To provide a focus at the Local, Provincial, and National levels, to promote and encourage Air Cadets to participate in an optional activity that will provide them with an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment;
  • To increase public awareness regarding the citizenship and leadership aspects of the Air Cadet program at the national, provincial and local levels.

The ES program strives to achieve these goals by providing a formal contest setting in which cadets can compete against other speakers and have their competence assessed at progressively higher stages of competition, commencing at Squadron level and advancing upwards through Wing, Provincial and National levels.


Due to the present Air Cadet Program stand down for the safety of the cadet’s, officers and volunteers while in the present COVID 19 pandemic. We hope to hold a virtual Squadron Effective Speaking Competition February 2021.

Here are the topics for 2021: 

  1.  How should we remember and honour the sacrifices made by those who serve our nation?
  2.  What are the greatest challenges facing the aviation industry today?
  3.   Describe an historical event and what it meant to Canada.
  4.   Describe a Canadian hero and the impact they made or are making on our society.
  5.   What does bravery mean to you?
  6.   What have you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  7.   What does diversity mean to you?
  8.   What can you do to be a good environmental steward?
  9.   Cadet Choice:  Science & Technology, Aviation, Canadian History, Citizenship

Additional Information

Program Aim 2018 Public Speaking

Air Cadet League – Effective Speaking Website

Application Form – acc54e