778 Banshee Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Sponsoring Committee

Parents Meet and Greet Night

September 28th 2017 from 7pm, Richmond Green Secondary School

Parents are welcome to join our meet and greet night, organize by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC), the civilian arm of the local squadron. The purpose is an introduction to new parents the structure and operations of the Air Cadet League, the role of the SSC, and to meet our SSC members. We are all parent volunteers who work closely with the staff, in managing finance, in fund raising, location booking, community involvement, organize recreational and any other cadet events.

Come and join us as we will share our experience with you, explain why this is one of the best youth organization in Canada. This is the only meet and greet event of the year, so don’t miss it. Coffee and light snack will be serve. See you there!


As you may be aware, this is the giving season. Many companies had kick off their United Way Campaign. If you are planning to give to United Way this year through one-time donations, workplace pay-roll deductions or special events, and you do not have a preferred charity to donate to, please consider designating 778 Banshee Squadron as the recipient of your donations!

On the United Way pledge form, you can designate all or part of your contribution to 778 simply by specifying the following:

Our Charitable Organization number: 130387665RR0022

You can also donate through CanadaHelps. Simply click on the following button or link:


Your donations will be redirected to the Squadron accordingly, and will benefit all the cadets including yours!

Our Mission Statement

“We are here to Support the Success of our Cadets”

Our Squadron Sponsor Committee are composed of parent volunteers who devoted their time and effort nearly in all facets in supporting our cadets.

SSC members worked in every way with the squadron to ensure annual plans and budget are in place, organize fundraising initiatives, providing financial and administrative needs, support cadet recreational programs, etc.

For example, we coordinate the tagging campaigns each Fall and Spring. We also organize annual events like the Christmas party and the dinning-in. Just to name a few.

Our Chair works closely with our Commanding Officer to ensure all plans are implemented according to the needs of the cadets.

Overall, joining the SSC is a great opportunity to get involve and help improve the cadet program. You may also make some new friends along the way!

OPC Assessment Fee Letter

For new and returning Cadets, this year the annual fee has increased to $120, which includes OPC’s assessment fee and lottery tickets.  For more details about the fee, please click the following link:

OPC Assessment Fee Letter 2017-2018

SSC Members

Rico Ebron
Rico Ebron
SSC Co-Chair

Chun Li

Bob Sahota
Bob Sahota
Volunteer Coordinator

778 Banshee Squadron
Michelle Ebron

Navinder Sahota
Navinder Sahota
SSC Co-Chair

778 Banshee Squadron
Nancy Xiao
Location Coordinator

778 Banshee Squadron
Anita Lo

Ling Liu
Ling Liu

Other SSC Members :

Ernest Chow

Sri Siva

Joseph Keung

Eric Zhou

Amanda Xie

Christine Chan

Nanda Shamanna

Francesca Liu

Rosa Wu


Please note that parking is not permitted on the driveway in front of the school. It is a safety concern and against City By-law. Please make use of the parking lot.

Change of Shoes

During Winter season, snow makes for wet boots. We need to respect the facility by keeping it clean. Please have your child carry their black shoes/boots while wearing a secondary pair of shoes. They will have time to change shoes at the entrance.

School Area

Please note that during training nights, the school is not open for outside visitation. The school is reserved for the sole purpose of cadets training, and a security issue if unknown visitor wanders about. However, parents are welcome to observe the closing parade around 9pm at the gym, after they have parked their vehicle. Change of shoes applies to parents as well when snowing.