778 Banshee Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets


The 778 Banshee sports team has seen much success over the past years, placing top 3 in all but one of the competitions that we have been invited to over the past few years.

Our sports program is one of many ways we at 778 achieve the third aim of the Cadet Program; “To promote physical fitness”. As such, before we worry about competitiveness of our team, we worry about their fitness. The 778 sports team welcomes players of all skill and fitness levels to participate in our weekly training sessions where we shape our team into the winners we have become known to be. All we ask is for cadets to put in the effort to succeed.

Competitions occur throughout the year and are hosted by various squadrons in the Greater Toronto Area. Generally these competitions include multiple sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, and European Handball, although single sport competitions are also on our calendar such as the Invitational (Indoor) Soccer Tournament.

Cadets that sign up for the 778 Banshee Sports Team will be expected to attend every practice. A cadet’s attendance at sports practices will have a strong influence on whether or not they will be selected to participate in competitions with the 778 Banshee Sports Team.